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From PHP to Pokémon — The Leading Ladies of Patriot Software Tech discuss their favorite projects

  “What are you proudest of creating?” That’s the question we asked four women in the Patriot Software Tech team. We wanted to share the technical achievements of the women designers, developers, and engineers that help market and build our company’s powerful software. From PHP to Pokémon, the leading ladies of Patriot Software Tech have […]

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sound board From Web Development to Media Production

How Passion Took Me From Web Development to Media Production

  Geoff Swartz, Media Director at Patriot Software, talks about how he went from code writing to cutting-edge media production for Patriot Software, and offers advice for those who want to use more of their personal passions in their present work environment. Q: Geoff, you’re the Media Director for Patriot Software, but that role is […]

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