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We recently said goodbye to two very talented interns in this Patriot exit interview.

The Latest Internship Exit Interview at Patriot Software

Recently we said goodbye to a pair of very talented interns here at Patriot, Rebecca Steele and Tim Bagnola. They’re both going off to new companies who were impressed with their experience and credentials. At Patriot Software, we lovehiring young employees. Naturally we are sad to see our young tech talent leave the nest, but […]

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Why You Want to Consider a Software Developer Internship

What kind of interns does Patriot Software want? We don’t want software development interns that are looking for a job so they can come to work, do what they’re supposed to do, and then go home and shut it off. We look for people with passion or people who nerd out on software, because they’re […]

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You can use pairing for onboarding developers.

Using Pairing While Onboarding Developers

A lot of companies like to complain about learning curves, silos of knowledge, productivity, throughput, and wasting time while onboarding developers. Good news for them—paired programming solves a lot of these complaints, if not all of them. When you’re onboarding new employees in software development, those new hires are essentially jumping into a giant vortex […]

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