From PHP to Pokémon — The Leading Ladies of Patriot Software Tech discuss their favorite projects


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“What are you proudest of creating?” That’s the question we asked four women in the Patriot Software Tech team. We wanted to share the technical achievements of the women designers, developers, and engineers that help market and build our company’s powerful software.

From PHP to Pokémon, the leading ladies of Patriot Software Tech have accomplished tremendous work in the tech field. Here’s what they had to say about their favorite projects:

Jen Davies, Patriot Software UI Designer


Pokemon Card, Patriot Software Engineering

“Since I have been working in the internet industry for 22 years, I have seen things change vastly and have personally grown with the times. One of the most enjoyable projects I worked on was the website for Pokémon: The First Movie. I remember researching in depth about Pokémon and its followers to put myself in the mindset of the fans. I worked for several months using the latest technology at the time to create a fun and dynamic site. When the site launched, there was an incredible amount of people viewing it…so much so that it crashed the website servers! It was nice to know that my work was being viewed by so many people all over the world.”

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Angelia DiAntonio, Top Echelon Web Designer


“I played a big role in redesigning all of Top Echelon’s new look in 2015 – which included rebranding the logo, and designing and developing a huge new website. Basically, we streamlined two separate company websites into one marketing site and blog to make the brand more cohesive to our customers. I purposely started with an empty WordPress theme so I could customize everything, and I got to learn more about the PHP code behind the WordPress structure. It was challenging because our goal was to revamp everything in only a few months. I really enjoyed being a part of that whole process, from designing a simple logo to building a totally new website.”

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Virginia Floom, Top Echelon Web Designer


“One project that I consider to be a great feat is Top Echelon’s State of the Recruiting Industry 2015/16 Report and some of the related marketing pieces. The report itself is a 20-page documentthe largest that I have created yetthat uses charts & graphs, and callouts to share the information in a digestible fashion. Part of the report that sets this apart from just a normal print project would be the desired end goal being a single-page PDF for digital viewing, yet also still look good if the person decided to print it. The marketing materials that I worked on for the report included: web ads, social headers, an email, and landing page. Working on this project and creating a cohesive campaign was a challenge that was both rewarding and exciting!”


Tera Staten, Patriot Software Engineer

leading ladies of patriot software engineering


“In my last semester of college, I made a side scroller RPG game where Link from the video game Zelda fights turrets and avoids traps. The game was created using C# for scripts, Unity 5, and GIMP for creating small sprite sheets. Link used a sword to stab his sworn enemy, the turret.  He had to jump, sprint, and dodge traps and bullets from the machines.  Some traps included spikes, drop out floors, and hidden turrets that pop out of the ground upon entering a certain distance. Players would collect points by collecting custom made rupees. Even though I’ve worked on projects that might be considered more serious, this video game is one of my favorites. I love playing video games, and I enjoyed making one of my own.”


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