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sound board From Web Development to Media Production

How Passion Took Me From Web Development to Media Production

  Geoff Swartz, Media Director at Patriot Software, talks about how he went from code writing to cutting-edge media production for Patriot Software, and offers advice for those who want to use more of their personal passions in their present work environment. Q: Geoff, you’re the Media Director for Patriot Software, but that role is […]

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When it comes to wireframes vs. prototypes, is balsamiq the better choice over HTML?

Wireframes vs. Prototypes: Is Balsamiq a Better Choice Over HTML?

  Patriot Software’s lead user experience designer does a question and answer session about the merits of prototyping tools like Balsamiq versus HTML, and the role the two play in the Patriot Software development workflow.     Why do you prefer doing straight HTML prototypes over wireframing tools like Balsamiq? Currently, there are two situations […]

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software engineer personality traits silhouettes of cliff climbers

The Essential Software Engineer Personality Traits

Want to know which one of the software engineer personality traits will set a great developer apart from everyone else? It’s not speed or expertise in the latest coding language. While those skills are useful, to be sure, a truly great developer has something far more valuable: empathy. Think about it, If you’re a software […]

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